I think I shall come home next month.

Newark. N. J. Oct 27th

My Dear Mother

I have just received your letter of & those under shirts. I am very glad to git them. I think I shall come home next month. I am down for an other Furlow. I am pretty bad off yet I cough most all the time. I do most of the writing here in our Ward & do not go out much of any if I stir out I am shure to catch more cold. I have just helped to make out some more payrolls & I shall get $32. I would get more if my Discriptive list was here. I kneed a pair of Boots but I guess I can get them with this money you sent & by selling my gold pen & getting tinsted for a little. If I come home I shall try & get my furlow extended there. The Discharges come so slow here now I do not know what I can do but will do my best. I have night caughs evry night and do not sleep much till next morning the Dr Says that he think I had better go home for this place is not the best for Consumptive people. I have been taking some stuff for a few days that has done me more good than all the rest. If I come home I shall take transportation only one way so that I shall have some money left when I get home. How is Lillie & Father. If I get a discharge I think I should go to Origan or Calafornia & see if it would no help me. I am some Phthisisea for it —- hurts me to breath — some of the time. I do not know of much more to write.

So good by. From your Aff
Son   S. F. McOmber


Curator’s Comments: Near the end of the month, Spencer writes home again thanking his mother for some undershirts she has sent him and some money. He tells her that he made out more payrolls and thinks he will receive $32 but would get more if information from his unit were at the Newark hospital.

In this letter, Spencer talks about his health. He is coughing night and day; he claims to have tuberculosis (consumption) and the doctor agrees the hospital is not a good place for him. McOmber also expresses his hope that he will soon receive another furlough. If he does, he hopes he can persuade the army to give him a discharge. He also indicates that he thinks he will move to the West Coast when he is discharged to see if it is better there for his health.

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