Claire in 1911

This is the 1911 diary of Claire Wight (we do not have her 1910 diary so it has been a year since we last heard from her).  She is now 17 years old.  Her diary entries have changed considerably. She has become more descriptive about the events of the day, and is quite a bit more personal in this diary. She even speaks of the writing in the diary itself.

In 1911 she is a young woman and revealing a considerably different demeanor. Not everything seems as carefree. She’s much more willing to express her dissatisfaction or dislike of events and people. Early in this new diary some of her statements tell us that she, like most teenagers, is happy when recognized for doing a good job, and yet she is expressing a certain lack of confidence in her ability to learn and do a good job. She remains introspective and ponders her future. This is a young woman with hopes and dreams and, yet, no clear direction about where she is going – at least she has not expressed that in this diary.

During this year, Claire is coming into her own as a tennis player.  In early June she plays in a local tournament and wins.  She’s pleased as punch!  And she is developing quite a competitive attitude, expressing her desire to play certain people to see if she can beat them.

Much of her attention in 1911 is towards her mandolin. She is always practicing and taking lessons.  In one of her May entries, she reveals a big decision she has made about it.

Join us throughout this exciting year of Claire Wight’s young life. Don’t miss a moment it!

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