Mill pond it was the finest skating this year.

Sat. Jan. 21, 1911

Roscoe Harter, senior class picture, 1911

This morning Roscoe called up and asked me to go skating with Livingstone and May and him. So we went, regardless of the fact I should have studied for my Exam.  We went to Mill pond it was the finest skating this year. The pond was just like glass we had a jolly good time!! In the afternoon Cecila and Tood[Todd?] came up and after they left I studied like everything. Then after supper Roscoe came for me to go coasting with the bunch so Livingstone, May, Esther, Hazel, Roscoe and a couple of Plainwell boys and myself went up to coast   the “P” boys didn’t like the speed so we went down to Mays and spent the evening.  Afterwards when it came time to go home Frank and Livingstone both wanted to be the last to say goodnight to May  it was fearfully embarrassing and L. was so stubborn he was determined we 4 were going coasting a little more so he finely got May and we went down two or three times. I never had such a funny evening in my whole life.

Today’s Record [Jan. 25]  This afternoon Edna came over and we played and played when it came time to go to B.Y.P.U. Vera came over for me and then low and behold here came Roscoe  My I was furious. Well the three of us went down to meeting and I acted so cool coming home that I guess he won’t trouble me much more

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