“I do enjoy the mandolin so much”

Sat. Feb. 4, 1911

I’m in Allegan tonight  isn’t that surprising! Papa came home unexpectedly this morning and I wanted to come back with him so we came over on the noon train. I telephoned to Hellen Merchant to come and practice and we played and at four went over to Mrs Redmans and practiced  we had a lovely time together.  Then Mrs Redman asked me to stay to supper so I did and had such a nice time. Then I came home and sat here practicing and a few minutes ago I felt sort of sleepy and thought I would go to bed even if it was early and low and behold its 9:30 o’clock.

Sun. Feb. 5, 1911

I played until church time then went to church and S.S.  Miss Elleott sang “Hold Thou my Hand” this morning just beautifully! I asked Hellen to come up to dinner. Mr Ball and his bride were also there and we had a pleasent[sic] time. They went after dinner and Hellen and Miss Ellett and I practiced all the afternoon. Oh we had a lovely time  I do enjoy the mandolin so much  I wonder if I will ever get so I can play it just beautifully!! We played so many pieces. I liked “Plains of Peace” very much. Then Hellen and papa came up to the train with us and Mamma  & I came home. There is an awful blizard[sic] waging now! 

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