A very busy young lady…

Week of Feb. 6-10, 1911

Mon. Feb. 6, 1911

Nothing important has occurred. It has been stormy all day.

Streetcar on West Main Street, ca. 1915

They have started the pay as you enter process on the New Years and it seems real funny and such an inconveniance[sic] to have money always ready when you get on [she is probably referring to the streetcars].   All this afternoon and evening I have been either studing[sic] or practiceing[sic]  We are going to have a test in Physics tomorrow! I seem so busy all the time let me see what I really have to go to, I’m President of the W.I.C., member of the Athenaeides society,   Prof. Lyons orchestra, High school orchestra, music lesson, Secy. of the B.Y.P.U.  Oh me!    I guess with my school work it isn’t surprising I’m busy. Oh I didn’t say that Phyllis has asked me down next Friday to stay over Sunday!

Tues. Feb. 7, 1911

This has been a very uneventful day. I got along all right in the Physics and trigonometry tests and I hope I get good marks in them. I have been asked to help served at the Freshmen-Sophmore[sic] banquet at the Colege[sic] Feb 14  I think I will have a lot of fun. This afternoon I studied and got along pretty well except one trig problem which bothers me dreadfully.  Vera can’t get it either. After supper I practiced some more. I am thinking of going into the advance gymnasium class but I don’t know as I have the time. 

Wed. Feb, 8, 1911

Went to school. This afternoon I took my music lesson and enjoyed it very much. This evening I went over again for the first club meeting and it is fine. Oh I like it so much there were only 4 there tonight but we had a good practice. The other two have both gone farther in the course than I have I guess but I got alone[sic] pretty well. One of the girls I can’t think of her name, lives up here on Stuart ave so I have her to come home with. I like her quite well. Mr Lyons asked me to play 2nd on a couple of pieces that I had not learned before. It was fearfully hard. Well I am glad the club is started and that I’m in it. [Claire has joined a girls’ mandolin club.]

Thurs. Feb. 9, 1911

Well this has been an exciting day! I stayed to school for lunch and then had my first Physics lab. Rosa and I got along finely togather[sic]! We had to measure a table down to the tenth of a miligram[sic].  After lab I went to orchestra practice  it was a fine practice  they are going to play at the game Saturday night.  In the evening Vera & I went to Athenaeides society meeting. Had a grand time!! The older members gave the younger members a spread after the program. And it was fine then we had a perfect circus!

Fri. Feb. 10, 1911

This morning we had Chapel it was the finest chapel! One of the teachers said it was the best chapel they had had in the H.S. for 20 yrs. There was an old man that spoke for over an hour and oh it was fine. He is the only living man who was a member of the convention and a personal friend of Abraham Lincoln. He told all about the nomination and all the whole couse[sic] of Lincoln’s political life. My it seemed so real!!! I never felt so patriotic in all my life. In the afternoon I went over to Vera’s and we practiced. Then I came to Allegan and Phyllis & Florence meet[sic] me. It seems so nice to come. Roscoe called up tonight and wanted me to go skeiing[sic] Ha Ha

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