Banquet Night

Week of Feb. 11-14, 1911

Sat. Feb. 11, 1911

We didn’t get up until late this morning and then we went down town to practice at the church  Helen and I are going to accompany Miss Ellett on the mandolins in the peace[sic] “Plains of Peace”  we practiced until noon.  After dinner we sat around and “studied” then we went down and saw Delia Thewes  she has inflammatory rheutism[sic]. We had a lovely time we got so interested in a picture puzzle we almost forgot to come home! My we were tired when we got home lugging a sled and saying we were comfortable. This evening we decided not to go down town so we stayed at home and read.

Sun. Feb. 12, 1911

We got up and got to church in time to practice the piece over a few times with Miss Elliott. Then when it came time to play it in church it went off just beautifully and everyone was pleased. Papa says he appreciates having me play and help him in his work.  This afternoon we read.  I read “Pigs is Pigs” and “That Pup.”  They are the funniest craziest books I have read for a long while. I do enjoy going to the Landons so I feel so at home. 

Theodore Roosevelt (in the light colored trench coat), in Denmark a year prior to his visit to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Judge has been up to Grand Rapids for aLincoln’s banquet last night. Roosevelt was there!! I am writing this entry, on the train so it is rather giggly.

Mon. Feb. 13, 1911

I haven’t done anything but study all the afternoon and evening!! I am so dead tired I can hardly sit up. This evening I have been working on my Physics labotory[sic] notes and they are somthing[sic] awful. I doubt if I ever get through Vergil if it continues to be as hard as it is [at] present!

Ardith has the measles and she is real sick!! I have an awful cold  I wheeze like an old engine when I laugh!! Well Im going to bed!!

Tues. Feb. 14, 1911

I studied hard this afternoon  this evening I went to the Freshman-Sophmore banquet at the college and helped serve. There was only Cecille, Hazel McCall, Esther, May and I to wait on table[sic] and half the time Cecille & Hazel didn’t work. My but I worked. There were between 70 and 80 to serve and there were five courses. There was only the caterer and her helper in the kichen[sic] and I had to help dish things part of the time. I burned my finger fearfully in the gravery[sic]. They had Davises orchestra and I had a pile of fun. I knew so many of the Freshmen and they would say such funny things when I would wait on them. The decorations were beautiful and very elaborte[sic]. The color scheme was yellow and white.  I ate such a mixture of stuf[sic] that I am most sick! We stayed for part of the toasts then came home. It is after one o’clock now so I think it would be wise to go to bed.

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