A special dinner

Feb. 16-18, 1911

Thurs. Feb. 16, 1911

Went to school  my cold is just about killing me! Labatory[sic] is awfully hard on the eyes!  I had a fearful headache all the afternoon and evening!

 Went to the first swell dinner I ever attended, tonight.                                                             It was Rosamond’s —  

Rosamond Praeger

she “entertained sixteen young ladies at five o’clock dinner”! Well we got there right slam bang on the minute but some of them were late so we had to wait. There were different tables  ours had a centre piece of violet, maiden hair fern, and some little white bell flowers.  It was beautiful  the place cards were real cute! There were four courses and then candy and salted almond. There was a colored waitress and she used a napkin under the dishes to serve with instead of a tray. I don’t know what the name of the stuff in the first course was but it was fine! All different kinds of fruit in a glass cup that you ate with a spoon  the 2nd was the meat course and was veal cuts, potato chips, pickles, jelly and buttered biscuits about as big as a dollar.  3rd was a new kind of salad sort of shrimp and lobster. The fourth was choclate[sic] & white ice cream with peanut macarones[sic] and lady fingers and cake.

The candys[sic] were fine. Afterwards they played a game of guessing titles of books etc. The girls were, Esther, May, Vera, Edythe Bogard, Margaret French, Edith Bailey, Hazel Snow, Ruth MacCarthy, Gladies Veterplace, Dorothy Russel, Ruth Waldo and two Gleson[sic] girls, and myself

Fri. Feb. 17, 1911

Well I didn’t go to school this morning I felt to [too] mean! I practiced most all morning and had a nice time with my mandolin. This afternoon I really didn’t accomplish much  I was to [too] lazy to do much  This evening Vera and Miss Droulard came over and we played out[sic] mandolins with Vera accompaning[sic] us on the piano  we had just a grand time. Miss  D. is a fine player. I just want to get to be a fine player.  I do enjoy playing with someone so much. Miss D. had some real pretty pieces for 1st & 2nd mandolin among them was “The Flower Song” and “Traumeri” which are beautiful on the mandolin.

Sat. Feb. 18, 1911

This morning swept my room and practiced  In the afternoon I studied about 2 hrs. on Latin and then went over to Edna’s for a while. This evening Vera came over and we got our Trigonometry  took us about 2-1/2 hrs. to work the problems  they are so awfully long.  I did want to go to the basket ball game tonight, so badly they were going to play B.C. and the orchestra was going to play, but mamma said I had to bad a cold and I wouldn’t be able to go to school Monday if I went.

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