Two musical days

Feb. 22-23, 1911

Wed. Feb 22, 1911

This is Washington’s birthday  I expected to work so hard and get all my lessons for tomorrow and it took me most all day to get just my labatory[sic] notes written.  I guess I will flunk tomorrow. This afternoon I took my music lesson anad I have got a duo piece “Old folks at home” and it is so pretty  I like it very much. Prof. Lyons gave it to me.

Harp guitar, Gibson Mandolin Company, 1906 (from the Museum's collection)

In the evening I went to orchestra and we had a fine time.  The lady that plays the harp guitar was there tonight and I don’t like her one bit  she seems so big and manish and sort of course  She has a beautiful instrument however.

Thurs. Feb. 23, 1911

I went to school today stayed to lunch and had labatory[sic] this afternoon Rosa and I got along fine in lab today [our] problem came out very well. Then I stayed to orchestra practice and we had a good practice. I like “The chocolate soldier” very much. After practice Vera & I worked on Geometry Trigonometry I mean I’m not used to the new word yet. I’m going to bed now its only 7:30 but I feel so mean. I feel as [if I] am going to be sick  Oh I hope I wont. I made a very comical sight in my exit from 50 today I practically fell out of the room just before school called and the room was just full of pupils. My but I felt cheap.

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