Old Time Mission

Sat. March 4, 1911

Well Verna came [down] at nine and we went to distribute the tickets for the mass meeting tomorrow afternoon   we certainly had some funny experiences  one man thought I was taking the census; we got up in the negro section [of town] and I was real scared at a great big negro man with long hair and bushy eyebrows. It took us all morning and we were real tired when we got through 

Claire was distributing tickets for the meetings at the Old Time Mission. It was advertised in the “Jottings” of the Kalamazoo Gazette, March 4, 1911

Went up to Verna’s for dinner and had a real plesant[sic] time. She gave me her ticket for the concert tonight because she couldn’t go; and so I went with “Mamma Reese” and a friend of hers. I had a lovely time! It was the College Singing Girls and an impersonator. The program was full of surprises and fun!

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