Crazy Quilt Time!

Week of Mar 13 – 16, 1911

Mon. March 13, 1911

We had an inspiration to get out my crazy quilt and work on it and I think it is lots of fun thought it takes lots of time and stiches[sic]  I don’t imagine anyone will ever realize how much work there is in it.  We read our book today too.

Tues. March 14, 1911

Papa and mamma didn’t come back untill[sic] afternoon  my I was glad to have them home  again. I worked on my crazy quilt    we are getting along real well.

Wed. March 15, 1911

Well I went to school again today! [Claire had been sick for well over a week and didn’t attend school during that period.]  I have dropped Physics and Trig. and am only taking two subjects now. It will be easy after I get the part made up that I have missed. I have two hundred lines of Vergil to make up!!  This afternoon and evening I worked on my crazy quilt. I can hardly wait to get it done. We had the awfullest blizard[sic] here today! The snow came down so fast that we couldn’t see to Douglas Ave.


Claire was making a crazy quilt that might have looked similar to this one from the Museum's collection.

Thurs. March 16, 1911

I went to school. In the afternoon I went to orchestra practice and had a nice time  we are getting the “Choclate[sic] Soldier” ready to play in chapel in a few weeks. Papa’s birthday is tomorrow and Ruth’s and Mr. Bestors are today and yesterday so we thought we would celebrate them all together[sic]. So we had Mr. & Mrs. Bestor, Ruth, Edna, James, Ardith and Vera over to supper. We had a real pleasant time. I feel worried about Esther  she leads such a gay life and seems to have lost her interest in church life and religious things. She went to a party last night and won a prize playing pedro. She is such a dear everybody likes her!

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