Empire Restaurant

Mar 18-20, 1911

Sat. March 18, 1911

This morning I worked then mamma and I went to Allegan on the noon train. When we got there I walked back up the track (had some rather thrilling experiences with a freight train) to Landon’s to ask the girls if they could come up in Spring vacation and THEY CAN COME!! Isn’t that fine   they think Bernice Hoadley can come too  Oh I hope she can! Then I went down to the church and Helen and I practiced then we practiced “Compassion” with Miss Ellett & Mrs Redman for tomorrow. After super[sic] Miss Elett made some of the best fudge I ever tasted. We played a little too! Papa told me about our financial resources and I was very much pleased!

Sun. March 19, 1911

Went to church and S.S.  we got along all right with our piece. Mr Griffith mistook me for Hellen Merchant this morning and talked to me about half an hour thinking it was her. He invited me to bring up my mandolin and we would play. He on the violin and I accepted the invitation then Hellen came and you should have seen the look of surprise on his face  Then he invited us both to come. In the afternoon Hellen came up and we played then went up to Miss Elletts room and we three talked then went down stairs & Miss E. sang and I played. In the evening meeting I got way up on the platform before I discovered I didn’t have my pick   my I was surprised & embarrassed.

The Empire Restaurant was next door to the Burdick Hotel; in this postcard image it is on the left. Today the block where the old restaurant was located is home to the Radisson Plaza Hotel.


 Mon. March 20, 1911

This morning we got up and took the train   when we got here papa said I must have breakfast before I went to school so we went to the Empire Resteraunt[sic] and I had a fine meal  papa went on and I felt very important eating and paying my bill with a ‘Oh I am accustomed to this; rather poor services for a place of this size’ sort of an air. I was late to school by about five minutes.

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