What a tomboy!!!

Sat. March 25, 1911

This morning I practiced then got on my roller skates and skated a while   a crowd of small boys played base ball at the lower end of the hill and they really needed me to make it  a brillant[sic] success so I played Ha! Ha! They didn’t any of them think I would be able to hit the ball and I shot a fine on[sic] in the first throw  they were so dumbfounded they could scarcely chase the ball. I had a lot of fun.

In the afternoon Vera and I took a walk “around town.” We got only 1/3 of the way around  we kept on a radius of from one mile to one and a half from the centre all the time and got from Main to portage   we walked five or six miles. We took two pictures  one of her and one of me. Vera went with me down to the church to practice tonight.

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