Photo ops

Mar 30-31, 1911

Thurs. March 30, 1911

This morning we got up late and about 10:30 we started for a walk  we went up to the Ladies Seminary across the city  then we went way out Park St and home back along West St and South St. My! it was a long walk of about five miles. This afternoon we went over to Vera’s and had a fine time  we played a guessing game and then other games and ate popcorn  my it was time to come home before we knew it. I forgot to say that it was in the paper last night that I was entertaining a house party and among the out of town guests were the Misses Landon of Allegan and Miss Bernice Hoadley of Hamilton. Ha! Ha! This evening we went to the Rescue Mission, Mamma went with us.

Fri. March 31, 1911

The Kodak Brownie #3 was a popular camera in 1911 and may be like the one that Claire was using (from the Museum's collection)

This morning we tried to take some pictures but the film wouldn’t work and after I had spoiled it discovered that I had been given a No I film instead of a No II. This afternoon we took  it back & got another. We picked out some real cute games to play tonight.  This afternoon we went down to W.I.C and we had quite a nice time  We got home about 5:30 and we had Nina, Vera and Esther her[sic] to supper.  May and Cecille couldn’t come because its Lent.  We had a lot of fun and a fine supper  They had the table lit by candles and had jello and whip cream with cake for desert. We took some time exposures  I hope they are good.

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