Gibson Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra

April 4-8, 1911 

Tues. April 4, 1911

Its rained practically all day and it’s raining now. Went to school and this afternoon Mamma & I went down town shopping  We picked out my new Easter hat and I am very much pleased with it. It is cream colored straw with green ribbon “rabbit ear” bows on one side and an ornament in front. We spent most all of the afternoon looking for hats and I was very tired when I got home tonight.  This evening I have been studing[sic] and now with much joy, I close my diary and get into bed  it being the late? hour of 8:30 o’clock!

Wed. April 5, 1911

Went to school. This afternoon I took my music lesson and enjoyed it very much  I must practice one hour every day. He told me that if I worked real hard I probably could be in the Gibson Mandolin and guitar orchestra next fall, wouldn’t that be grand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Cover of catalog from the Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Company, ca. 1906

Oh it seems too good to be true! I wonder if I really will? I am going to work hard!!!!! He said they would proberly[sic] give concerts around at different places. Just think how important I will feel. This evening I went over to Vera’s for a few minutes then read my history and played games with Gene.

Sat. April 8, 1911

This morning we didn’t get up until late then after breakfast I went out with Mrs Landon to see the chickens that are just a day old and a dear little 5 weeks old fluffy dog  it’s the cutest thing!!  Then I read and wrote a letter to Bernice Hoadley! In the afternoon we went down town and looked at hats and coats  the Ladies Home Journal came and we hurried home and read it. I like the “Patty” stories so much. We told our fortunes by our palms following the instructions in the L.H.J. and I am going to have a long life and a desprit[sic] love affair. How sad!!!!  We didn’t stay up very late tonight but we talked a good while after we went to bed.

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