So embarrassed!

[Apr 12-17, 1911]

 Wed. April 12, 1911
Went to school this afternoon.  I took my music lesson and enjoyed it very much. It seems as if I can’t stand it if Papa won’t let me be in that orchestra!!! In the evening I went to Athanaedes Society at Ruth MacCarthy’s  we had a lovely time and a very nice meeting. The program was on children. One paper was on books for children  another was Dicken’s children, Steenson’s verse etc. Miss Bancrof was critic. I had a lovely talk with Constance Orcutt and Katherine Foley. I have got to give a talk on the life and works of Elizabeth Stuart Phelps.

Thur. April 13, 1911
Went to school! In the afternoon I went over to orchestra practice and enjoyed it very much. We are going to play for the cantata in the High School doings. The name of the Cantata is “The Building of the Ship.” My part is quite dificult[sic] in places. I brought it home to practice.

Mon. April 17, 1911
I went to school! In the P.M. I hurried over to Cantata practice thinking the orchestra was going to practice with the chorus but somehow enough of them didn’t understand it that way to have an orchestra so they didn’t have it. I was in a rather embarrassing position for just as I came into “50’ the chorus of about 70 was just ready to start singing and Miss  Ulrich stopped short and said come right over here Miss Wight and I had to go right in front of them all over to where the orchestra chairs were on the boys side.  I put down my mandolin and sat down at a desk and that horrid Andrew Leak came and “caplunked” himself right down in front of me.

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