Tennis Anyone?

[Post of Apr 26-27, 1911]

Wed. April 26, 1911
Went to school. Mr Bestor was here today and is staying all night  he has the loudest snore of anyone I ever heard. In the afternoon I took my music lesson early and enjoyed it very much. I am in positions now they are a little hard at first. After my lesson I hurried home and got ready to play tennis with May  Just as she was ready to start Mirean Pelton came up to see her and I walked up to see what was the matter and we three talked for about an hour then she went and when we got over to the courts they were full and we had to wait. Livingstone came along then I played a set against May and Livingston.  I won 907. Then L & I played (continued on March 21) a few games against May then I came home. I asked Miss Hay to play with me sometime so we are going to play at 4:45 tomorrow.  In the evening Vera and I went to Athenaedes at Bessie Freemans  thank goodness the program & meeting wasn’t announced on the Bulletin board so there were not many there. I wasn’t scared at all and they didn’t have any critic. Bessie can make the best candy and take the finest pictures!!!!

Thurs. April 27, 1911

In this photo, taken for her high school yearbook, Claire is at the far right holding her mandolin.

Went to school! Mrs ____ was here to dinner  she is thinking of moving here from Alegan[sic]. I hurried back to Orchestra practice and we had our pictures taken by a photographer for the Delphian  I know I will look like a fright!  At four I left practice and came home and got ready to play tennis at 4:45 with Miss Hay. We had to play doubles with Mr Wittit and Mr Brenner then Mr B. went & Anna Matson played with Miss H against us. Mr. W. and Miss. M. arn’t[sic] good players so we didn’t have very exciting games  a whole crowd of the College boys came down and watched  they slamed[sic] Mr W. somthing[sic] awful every time he would miss the ball.  Finally Miss Hay & I got a chance to play singles and (con. on page March 8) such fun as we had  I had to work hard to beat her but finally I won the set 6 to 3! My I was tickled because she is the best girl player in college!! I got home from tennis at 20 min to seven and I was due over to Central High by 7:10!!!!You can imagine how I hurried  I ate oranges and potatoes at the same time and simply RUSHED!!! I got there on time however and we played the firt and last song on the program  we played “Glow Worm” “Amina” and “He’s a Fran Fran”  the contest was fine  Ruth MacCarthy won first place! I was so glad. Rosamond did very well!

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