It is beyond words!

Tues. May 2, 1911

Oh how can I tell what I have heard!! It is beyond words! This evening I went to the concert give by the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra which has over 50 pieces and the Madrigal Society as a chorus. It was beyond doubt the most beautiful music I ever heard. The director Emil Oberhoffer [had] perfect control of every instrument and he could cause the very walls to shake or make meary[sic] an echo or whisper of music!!! The violin soloist was wonderful and when as an enchore[sic] he played with the harp accompany[ment] I fairly held my breath it was so sweet and clear!! They play the “Angelus” with the pipes and bells and all the instruments and it was beautiful!! Genevieve Wheat the contralto soloist had on a exquisite green evening gown one of these sparkly low necked affairs. She sang “Die Loreley” and it was good. The soprano soloist was a wonderful vision in pink and silver  she had a wonderful voice.  In “Stabat Mater” I like the tenor solo very much  perhaps I liked that part better than some of the rest because was more familiar with the music. Oh I am glad! Glad!! Glad!!! I went.  Well it is after twelve o’clock so I’m going to bed and tell what I did the first part of the day some other time.  

Emil Oberhoffer of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra

This morning I went to school and in the afternoon I got excited about the concert  Vera wanted to go too so we telephone down to see if there were any more students tickets and they said no and so long as we couldn’t aford[sic] $1.00 tickets we gave it up and went down to the library and I said Oh lets just go in and see if there arn’t[sic] any left by mistake so we went to the church and there were just two left and one of those had been promised but they let us have them  the numbers were 5 and 168 and as luck would have it they were right near only on different rows!

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