Tennis & Skipping School

Wed. May 3, 1911

Claire often played tennis with her friends at the courts behind Kalamazoo Central High School.

Went to school and in the afternoon I took my music lesson then May and I went to play tennis on the way we meet Livingston and he went with us  we went way on over to the High School court as the Normal & College ones were full, it was not marked out but we made some scratches and played L against May and I the set came out 8 to 8 and we wanted to change so we ended the set with a tie and then May rode around on L’s wheel and L and I played a set  I never worked so hard in all my life! Every game was close and we worked all the rest of the afternoon on the one set, May got tired and went home but I WON  Oh I was tickled  it was about 9 to 7! I consider it quite a victory! In the evening I washed my hair and ironed two white shirts. 


Thurs. May 4, 1911

This morning on the way to school May and I wanted to skip but didn’t dare because she had some Latin to make up. During 2nd hr. Elizabeth Stetson and I wanted to skip and finely we got up our nerve and with out saying a word to Mr. Chamberlin we got up and walked out!!! We went up and borrowed some money from Bernice and took the Portage car and went out to a woods on the other side of town  we got a lunch down town to take out with us and we had a grand time  got lots of violets and got home in time for dinner. I don’t know how we will get out of it tomorrow!

This afternoon I went to orchestra practice and wore my tennis clothes and afterward May & I played tennis.

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