Tennis & Training School

[Post of June 13-14, 1911]

Tues. June 13, 1911

Well I got up at 4:50 to play tennis and it rained for about 2 min. and made it so wet we couldn’t play. I ironed at 10 o’clock   however we, Ralph & I, played  I lost 6-1, 7-5 Then Livingston and I play Ralph & Bramble. They won. I came home to dinner then I also made a desert for dinner and attempted a shortcake this morning. Tommy came about 2 o’clock to eat his short cake and we had a pile of fun. I showed him my snapshot pictures and he got one of me and also one of Esther and I tore the head of the picture of me out in the one of E & I togather[sic]. He asked me to play tennis with him and so we went over and he and I won two sets easily from Mr. Parker & Bramble. Then I played [Mr. Parker] a set of singles  he won then he & I won a couple of sets from Tommy & Miss Howe. In the evening I went over to Vera’s to play croquet and Tommy came up for a few minutes to return a racquet. I like him real well but you see he’s dead in love with Esther and I’m not crazy over him yet so I don’t think I’ll interfere Ha! Ha!! The Bainses came to see us today they will stay until tomorrow night.


Wed. June 14, 1911

This A.M. I iron[ed] then Vera and I went down town I got some new tennis shoes and the picture I had framed for May’s graduation. In the afternoon Vera and I went to a little playlet “Alice in Wonderland” given by the 5th grade Normal Training School children. The play was real cute then all the grades gave an exhibition of games. Then we visited the training school exhibit of the work done by the different grades  When I got home the telephone rang and Miss Hay wanted me to play tennis with her  I got ready and went over  she beat me a set 8-6 then I played Mr. Congers and he won 7-5, 8-6  My but it was great sport!! I didn’t get home from tennis untill[sic] 7:15 and I was due at the church at 7:30  My but I rushed  the girls came for me and I was ready 7:35  we almost ran down to the church. We were there in plenty of time for they were late starting and didn’t begin until about 8:20. Ruth MacCarthy forgot to bring the 2nd mandolin part and the boy sent for it couldn’t get it so we stuck our program up on the music rack and looked over on the 1st mandolin part as best we could and played that. We got through somehow. The exercises were beautiful. May and Nina did look so dear when they walked across the platform and received their diplomas. It’s after eleven good night.

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