The Delano Girls

[Post for July 18-19, 1911]

Tues. July 18, 1911
This morning I sprinkled and fussed around until about 10:00 then began cutting out my dress. It took me until about 4:00 o’clock for I cut it all out myself and spoiled one back and a few minor details which took some time to repair. Then I sprinkled and got supper. After supper Bill came up and we played a couple of sets  he won the first 6-4 I the second 6-1 then we put up the hammock and I got a chair for him and I swang and talked the awfullest lot of trash then suddenly the two Delano girls and Miss Collins came to call. Bill went to a stockholder’s meeting with James and I entertained the girls, they are just lovely girls and very aristocratic. I think I like Margaret DeLano best though I don’t know. Vera DeLano is going to Oberlin to college. They left their cards and told me where they live. Then Edna and I had a good talk till James & Bill came back. Bill talked a while then went home. I got a card from Mamma tonight telling me that I am invited to Elizabeth Stetson’s beef roast for tomorrow night and that I could come home for it and that I better stay. I am in a quandary whether to go or stay. The folks are certainly getting anxious for me to come home [Claire has been staying in Otsego for awhile]. I am glad because I never thought they would care much.

Postcard of Plainwell, Michigan, 1910

Wed. July 19, 1911
This morning I wrote to mamma that I wasn’t coming then I packed a lunch and strapped on my kodak and took a tramp up to Plainwell  its about 3-1/2 or 4 miles from here and lovely roads and fine views. I had a fine time took my time about it and ate my dinner beside the road just this side of Plainwell. When I got to town I bought some post cards and candy and a chocolate Sundae  walked around some. took two pictures one of the stream and one across a little park that is here in town. I got back about 1:30 o’clock and just laid around the rest of the afternoon. Then James and I played a set of tennis and I went over to Jessies’s and played a couple of games of croquet  Edna was sick this evening and we had a doctor  she had accute[sic] indigestion from eating green bananas  my but it was awful. I embrodiered[sic] a while this evening also, on my daisy piece!!

This Kodak No. 3 Brownie camera is probably similar to the type that Claire owned.

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