On a Kodak roll!

[Posts for August 12-14, 1911]

Sat. Aug. 12, 1911
I got up late this morning then read and cleaned my room. This afternoon I finished my book then finished painting the birch bark cover to Vera’s book and painting a little spray of pansies. Then Gene and I started to plan my Kodak book when Nellie Randolph came. Mamma & papa had missed her at the depot. Then I visited until supper time. After I wiped the dishes I went up to May’s and had a grand time. Mr. Fraser showed me all his camera pictures and gave me a perfect beauty. Then we printed some of my pictures in sepia brown and they are great  I fixed about 20 or 25 that way. Then May developed a film & I had to come home then.

Claire spent a lot of time pasting photos in her album. A page in her album probably looked similar to this one from the Museum’s collection.

Sun. Aug. 13, 1911
It rained. Cora Bellinger came from Allegan for the day. We all went to church and Sunday shool[sic]. Rained more!! In the afternoon I read and then went over to Vera’s for a while. In the evening Aunt Emma and I stayed home and the rest went to the mission  Rained harder!!! I set up reading until after  twelve tonight and finished “The Man Without a Shadow” my but its exciting you see he lost his memory and had to find his life and name and home and fortune and everthing[sic] by instinct and thrilling adventures. Of course he turned out to be a millionaire.


Mon. Aug. 14, 1911
This morning I didn’t get up until 9:20. Then I practiced and stuck pictures into my album. I helped Emma get dinner but did not eat much myself. After dinner I pasted [pictures into her album] then ironed until 3:30 then got ready and played a few games with papa of tennis. Then the folks went out to Pakwood [she means Parkwood] for a picnic supper and I after I had finished Vera’s birthday present which was a birch bark covered book for candy receipt. Went over to Perry’s for supper we had a lovely [supper] and lots of fun playing duets and talking. Vera is eighteen today and I gave here[sic] 18 kisses and one to grow on.  We are going to Otsego tomorrow.

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