Great Aviation Meet

[Posts for Aug. 15-18, 1911]

Tues. Aug. 15, 1911
Got up and took the morning train for Otsego  Nellie went on to Allegan. I feel awfully sorry for her  I wore my tennis suit and carried my racquet. I guess people thought I wasn’t very conventional without any hat and dressed that way. Well the folks were glad to have us come and James and I played tennis off and on most all day. I got about 4 or 5 sets and he won 2. I didn’t play so awfully hard but he’s improved a lot. Will Merritt came up for a while and we shook hands and talked  I think it’s awfully embarrassing to say goodby[sic] to a boy. We came home and had a family talk about all things in general and company in particular.


Thurs. Aug. 17, 1911
This morning papa and I played tennis had a lot of fun. In the afternoon I read then at four o’clock papa & I played tennis again one set we played doubles against Clayton and another boy.  Aunt Emma started the book “Molly Makebelieve”  it’s certainly an interesting book. I wonder if fifty years from now the books I read will seem dull and prosy and old fashioned! I don’t see how they could because they are so exciting and full of life. I wonder if air ships will get to be as common as automobiles are now! They are having a great aviation meet now in Chicago!! How I would love to see an aireoplane[sic] fly.


Claire mentions the 1911 International Aviation Meet that was taking place in Chicago at the time she was writing in her diary.

Fri. Aug.18, 1911
Played tennis with papa this morning now I’m one set ahead of him for the year!! Isn’t that grand! but the set we haven’t finished is 6-6. This afternoon I read then went over and called on Mrs. Rodgers. I must go to see her oftener. I forgot to say I went down town this morning and got my watch. I like the monogram on it very much. This evening we finished reading “Molly Makebelieve” its certainly the cutest, cleverist story I’ve read for a long time. I kind of wish if I ever was going to fall in love and get married that I could have a thrilling romance. I wonder if anyone will ever love me. I got another letter from Delia tonight  she is certainly a pile of fun. Oh life is a good thing.

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