Contemplating love

[Posts for Aug. 19-20, 1911]

This book made Claire ponder her future in love.

Sat. Aug. 19, 1911
Didn’t get up very early  last night after I wrote my diary I wrote a letter to Delia and this morning I sent her a small box of rice for pills. Ha! Ha! Then I read the “chauffeur”[sic] It’s pretty good but the descriptions are rather long and I’m not learned enough to understand the allusions to classical things. After I finished it I practiced a while on the piano the[n] stuck pictures into my album until supper time. This evening Aunt Emma & I went down town and I went to the library while she shopped a while. Then we struck a sale & she got three cucumbers at 1¢ each & I got four bunches of radishes for 5¢  Ha!Ha!!


Sun. Aug. 20, 1911
Love! Oh what a wonderful thing it must be!! Oh how I wonder  if I will ever love and be loved like you read about in books!! It just fills a girl with all kinds of thoughts to read a love story like I have read today!!! What a wonderful mystery love is!  I have read “The man on the box” by David Graham Phillips. I wish I could tell how I feel tonight. I wonder if it’s a longing to have some soul understand my soul and for some spirit that can comune[sic] with my spirit understandingly.  I think a lover must be able to come nearer to the understanding of Gods love and mercy than any other person.

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