Lover’s Lane Fun!

[Post for Aug. 22-23, 1911]

Tues. Aug. 22, 1911
My but I’m tired!! We have been to Gull Lake today  our folks then we met the Redman’s and Bestors at the lake. The way to have a grand time at Gull lake is to have a cottage! This hanging around at Allendale or LaBelle I don’t enjoy  we had a fine picnic dinner and supper however. It rained this afternoon and we rode around the lake while it was raining. Then later it cleared off and we went down Lovers Lane in the Brownie. That was delightful. We visited the Warens[sic] in their cottage  it is certainly a beauty! It was just finished this summer you know. Two little boys that came with the Redman’s and myself   went rowing a while this morning. We had a lot of fun  we went down the Lane to the bridge and 5 or 6 launches passed us while we were in the channel. My it was exciting   we hung on the branches along the shore when the waves would catch us. They were moving the Olin house boat onto land today  that was quite a sight

Claire was not fond of “hanging around” the Allendale Resort at Gull Lake, shown here in 1912.


Wed. Aug. 23, 1911
This morning papa and I played tennis he won one set and I one. So I am still one set ahead of him. This afternoon I read the Shuttle part of it and this evening we all went to the mission all except Aunt Emma. Somehow I don’t have a satisfied feeling about things tonight!!! I guess I won’t write any more for my thoughts arn’t[sic] pleasant!

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