How books can make you feel!

[Posts for Aug. 31-Sept. 1, 1911]

Thur. Aug. 31, 1911
Sick! I’ve read a “King and a few Dukes” today  its an odd story. But oh what an understanding of nature the author has  how he pictures the forest and the small animals of the woods is wonderfull[sic] and at the same time beautiful! Oh what will I be when I grow up!! What is my future! Can a girl help thinking! Thinking!

The 1904 bestseller, “The Wood-Carver of ‘Lympus,” stirred up many emotions in Claire.

Fri. Sept. 1, 1911
How books can make you feel!! And how differently different books affect you. Some wake your soul to new thoughts and ideals and you feel a great longing for something that is beyond you. It is these things that awake in me as I read “The Wood Carver of Olympus”  Oh the wonderfulness of nature!! I just long for the forest sometimes and tonight it seems as if I must go somewhere and be what my soul would have me be!! Oh I can’t explain to you, you little book, but I know how I feel. Other books made me feel mean and low.

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