Labor Day!

[Post for Sept. 4, 1911]

Mon. Sept. 4, 1911
Labor Day! This morning I embroidiered[sic] and did numerous things. The Jacob’s came up to see the house. They will let us know tomorrow if they will take it! Mrs. Waite went home on the 11:53  Oh how I hate to have her go!! Vera & I & Lela and Gladies MacDowel went out Milham park this afternoon and had a perfectly grand time!! Why it is just Beautiful!! out there  I didn’t know there was such a pretty place near Kazoo. Oh[sic] course there is about a 2 mile walk from the end of the car line to get there but it is a lovely walk. We took a whole roll of pictures out there and we ate our picnic supper on the dearest little island that is connected with the main land by a rustic bridge. But such a time as we had getting there. We got our transfers for Portage all right and then borded[sic] a portage car but suddenly there was a wild rush for the car and we were overwhelmed  the car then started back for Oak wood and would not stop when the slowed up at Burdick  I jumped off and Gladies followed me. When Lela came to get off the car was going at a pretty good rate and she feel[sic] off and went sprawling right there at Burdick street  luckily she didn’t get hurt or run over and afterwards we laughed good and propper[sic]. Vera got off two or three blocks farther up. They were the Holiday crowds for the Fair & Oak Wood.

Foot bridge in Milham Park, ca. 1918

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