Before School Starts

[Post for Sept. 5-6, 1911]

Tues. Sept. 5, 1911
Aunt Emma and I slept over at 275 last night so that Wendell Rowen could have my room. This morning neither Wendell or I woke up until too late to eat with the rest so we had to eat breakfast togather[sic]. I just can’t stand him. Poor thing it isn’t his fault he has to wiggle all the time. I embroidiered[sic] a lot today both morning and afternoon. The Jacobs arn’t[sic] going to take the house but I’ve thought of the grandest idea! That is [to] get a crowd of girls and we room over there!! Oh I am just crazy with the idea! And papa says we may if I can find girl friends that want to. I washed my hair today. Here’s hopeing[sic] that the sceme[sic] will pan out!!!

Claire frequented Siewert’s Photo Studio for her photographic supplies. The studio was located at the corner of Burdick and Main Street (Michigan Ave) on the 2nd floor above Pendleton’s Insurance; shown in this postcard from around 1910.

Wed. Sept. 6, 1911
This morning papa and I went down town and got a new fountain pen. I am writing this with it  Doesn’t it work nicely!

I got my films at Siewerts and then came home and printed pictures they came out finely  Its such fun to do it!!

This afternoon I didn’t do anything particular just ironed and played and tried to learn a piece for Sunday. I can hardly wait for tomorrow night I am so crazy to see the Landon’s once more. Next Monday school begins again! Ah! Me!

This evening we all went to the mission  Vera went with us tonight. It was fine he has gotten to all the 4th chapter of Rev. now. There were at least 300 people there tonight.

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