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[Post for Sept. 8-10]

Fri. Sept. 8, 1911
Hated to get up! Off to school we went and I had a pile of fun!! The way the pupils fire notes is something awfull!! They have a beautiful assembly room. I stayed with Phyllis all morning and wrote a letter to Vera during study hour. I got to be quite an expert at shooting notes myself before the day was over. This afternoon I sat with Bernice Hoadley and Oh she told me the most wonderful piece of news. And I am the first one that knows it outside of the two families and I can’t tell a soul. She is engaged to be married to Crosby Barrat   just think a girl friend of mine! Oh I hate to have her guess I’m selfish! Oh she is such a dear. She really loves him if ever a girl did love and Oh how I hope it will be all right! She seems so happy and proud of him!! Oh but just think how old I’m getting.

After school we gadded around then went to the church to practice and Helen came and when we told her the plan for next year she just went crazy over it too!  Bernice Wilcox came and I just cried when I saw her I couldn’t help it she looked so badly!! And we talked & talked and I am going to try and get a place for her at the Star Bargain if I can! Oh how I love her.


The Star Bargain House carried all sorts of household items at a bargain. It was located next to the Burdick Hotel on Main Street, shown here in 1909.


Sat. Sept. 9, 1911
This morning Florence and I talked and we all fooled around went to practice at the church about 2:30 and afterwards shopped down town. In the practice this afternoon one of the little “birds nest” boys fell off the platform right in the middle of the song  it was [too] comical for anything. This evening we went over to Mrs McClelland’s and I played then we ate watter[sic] melons, musk mellon, grapes, and cake then came home and they teased me to play so I played then “Uncle Phil” and I sang some of the old song[s] I love to sing with him. He got home from Grand Haven tonight.

Sun. Sept. 10, 1911
Got up and read and got ready for church. Well we had our rally day program in S.S. and I got along all right with my piece  I spoke just before the offering  “The penny ye ment to gie” then Bernice Wilcox & I took the offering. We got along all right with the class song. This afternoon we three girls went up stairs and laid down and snoozed & read. Sussie Mackey a girl in Allegan jumped out of an auto before the house right next door here and was knocked unconscious. She got nervous because her brothers were disputing as to which should run the auto. Went down to church the evening. Mrs. Olmstead was baptized.

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