Hopes for the State Tournament

[Post for Sept. 12-15, 1911]

Tues. Sept. 12, 1911
Went to school and I went to Latin, History and Physics. And then went back after dinner to see about my credits. And I only have to take 3 subjects now and one in the spring isn’t that great! Miss Gregg stopped me in the hall this noon and asked me if I had been playing tennis any this summer. I told her I had and she asked me why I didn’t go into the State tournament for ametures[sic] next year. You know she got the championship this summer at Grand Rapids. She said she thought I could win   think of that! Of course it was flattery because I couldn’t beat her any more than anything, but I felt real pleased that she should think so highly of me! This afternoon papa and I played tennis  the courts were full. I beat one set the other making the score still even. Then he and I played against Harold Osbourn and another boy I didn’t understand his name when I was introduced and we beat them a set 8-6. Lot of people I knew were over playing. I was the only girl however.

This evening Vera and I went to the B.Y.P.U. business meeting at Nellie Rank’s. I wore mamma’s diamond ring just for the fun of it and made quite a sensation however I told Elma Furst it was mamma’s before the evening was over so I guess she will stop the gossip.


Wed. Sept. 13, 1911
Went to school. This P.M. May and I played tennis then doubles. This evening all went to the mission.


Thurs. Sept. 14, 1911
Went to school  a boy fainted in 50 this morning. Got along all right in my classes. This P.M. papa & I went over about 1:30 and played tennis  I won one set and when the next set was 6-6 we stopped & played doubles with “Rusty” and “Zero” then “Zero” and I played against papa & “Rusty” and won. Then Harold Osborn came & it began to ran[sic]. We sat under a tree and then Harold and I played some games it was just grand fun. When the games were about even it began to rain again so I came home. Now score with papa if I am one ahead.


Fri. Sept. 15, 1911
Went to school we are pretty well in the regular routine now. I haven’t been asked to recite yet in history.

This afternoon Vera came over and we got our lessons then played duets of both kinds. I haven’t played the mandolin so much for such a while that I have blisters on my fingers tonight which aren’t very pleasant.

Vera stayed to supper & we had a regular concert then she went home and I read stories to Gene. Oh won’t it be grand next year when we girls live in 275. I got the grandest letter from Helen the other day talking all about “our plan.”


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