“Say but I’ve had an exciting day!”

[Post for Sept. 19-20, 1911]

Tues. Sept. 19, 1911
Went to school. Vera & I skipped at the end of the third hr. because Phyllis and I didn’t want to stay in school. After dinner Papa and May and I played tennis then papa went and May & I played a set with “Toad” and Cecille out of curtisy[sic]. Then She and I played a couple of sets and I won then we beat Mr. Carlmickle[sic] and Mr. Burdick  then Miss Hay came. Oh the dear!! I was tickled to death to see her!! We were beaten by the boys 7-5. In the evening Vera and I went to the comical business meeting of the B.Y.P.U. I positively refused to be sec’y for another year so Vera was elected. Had red grapes and mushmellon[sic] and quite a jolly time. May was so determined I should step over to her house that I went right up there from the business meeting and it was about 11:00. She had played before about 200 people tonight at the Eastern Star but got home first  She looked like a dream. They had brough[t] home a brick of ice cream. So Mr. F. May and I had a regular feast with chocolates and cake too. Then May helped me a little with my latin and Mr F played a fandango for me on the guitar  went to bed about 12:00.


Wed. Sept. 20, 1911
Went to school! As soon as possible after dinner Vera came over and we practiced then went down to the church. I was scared stiff to play before them but we got through some how. We played “On the Lake” and “Iris” for an enchore[sic]. Then I fairly ran home and got ready to Play tennis with Miss Hay. I won 6-0, 6-1 then she went and I won from May 6-1, 6-4. This evening Vera and I went to Athenaeides and we had a grand time. It was just a business meeting however but it was jolly. I am chairman of the program comm. as well as  treasure[r] of the society. On the corner waiting for the car Will Merritt came up with Mr. & Mrs. Ramsey I was so surprised. Say but I’ve had an exciting day.

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