Taft Day!

[Post for Sept. 21, 1911]

Thur. Sept. 21, 1911

President William Howard Taft, 1906

Taft day!!! Of all the crowds and fun and excitement!

Vera and I went down to see the President of the United States togather[sic]. And we saw him at three places and how we ever did it is remarkable. We were at the depot, saw him get off his private car and saw him the first time he tiped[sic] his hat in Kazoo. Saw him get into the automobile and ride slowly down the crowded street. We rushed to the Y.M.C.A. corner and papa literally pulled me through the dense crowd till I was within about five ft of the president while he was laying the corner stone for the new Y.M.C.A. building. His speech was simple and to the point. When they handed him the silver trowel to place the mortar he said “give me a man’s tool”  They made him a honorary member of the masons. At the close of that we three rushed for the colege[sic] it was growing dark and as we were hurrying up Academy St., and could hear them sing the colege[sic] song at the college, I saw a line of auto’s comeing[sic] and just as the first one approached I cried “Oh here he is!” and we three rushed out from the shadows to the side of the road  the president must have been some what startled or surprised or something and the only thing he could think of to do was to lift his hat and bow very profoundly to us as the auto whizzed past. Papa made a graceful return bow and we three felt quite honored.

Ribbon worn at the reception for Taft at the Burdick Hotel

Taft is certainly most the largest man I ever saw but he makes a fine apperance[sic], he wore a high silk hat and a handsome overcoat which was buttons[sic] clear to collar. He made rather a funny brake in his talk at the college. He said “It is a fine thing for a person to be able to get along with ones fellow.” He ment[sic] to say “ones fellows” of course.

I don’t think on the whole there was much demonstration shown on the part of the people anywhere. I didn’t feel so enthusiastic over Taft as I would if it has been Roosevelt.



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