Tennis & Hickory Nuts

[Post for Sept 22-23, 1911]

Fri. Sept. 22, 1911
Went to school! We are having pettissions[sic] or nominations for school elections now.  We carry it out on the same was[sic] the real elections are held  I have signed a whole lot of them.

This afternoon I met Miss Hay (she wants me to call her Elizabeth) at the court about 1:20 and we played three sets which I won easily 6-5, 6-0, 6-1.  “Tommy” is back he played tennis with David Polasky and won 3 sets. He played a game with me also and won.

Then I played against Harold Osborn it was fine   my I had to work. I won the first set 6-4, he got the second 6-4 and the third 7-5. I think I would have gotten the last one if Bramble hadn’t come down and he always makes me nervous especially since the brake I made Wednesday  One of the Longley boys sat and watched us a couple of sets and I don’t for the life of me know which one it is! Aren’t Twins confusing things!!

This evening Vera & I went over to call on Bernice Patterson and we had been there about 15 min. when a young gentleman appeared and I was relating my experience seeing Taft yesterday so I talked a blue streek[sic] first one thing then another  I always do went[sic] I’m embarassed[sic]  I wish I wouldn’t always make such a fool of myself especially where boys are concerned!!!


Sat. Sept. 23, 1911
This morning I went up in the cemetary[sic] to see if there were any hickory nuts and filled two peach baskets full without any trouble under one tree, came home for more baskets and Aunt Emma went back with me. We found several good trees and filled 2 market baskets and 2 peach baskets with them then it was dinner time after dinner Gene & I went back and picked 2 peach baskets & 1 market basket full. Isn’t that fine!! Then we shelled nuts for the rest of the afternoon.

Rev. Barnette came tonight  he has a catarach[sic] over one eye but is a very fluent and interesting man.

This evening Aunt E and I went down town & lughed[sic] home 3 muskmellons[sic] my but the crowds were dense, the pop. of K. is now 40,000

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