A red letter day!

[Post for Sept. 25 & 27, 1911]

Mon.  Sept. 25, 1911
It rained or was cloudy and wet all day. So we could not play tennis as planned. This morning I went to School and in the afternoon I studied and embroiederied[sic] then picked up a couple of baskets of  nuts. This evening our family had a stucking[sic] bee and got all our nuts shucked  I guess we have at least a bussel[sic] & ½ of shucked nuts.

Wed. Sept. 27, 1911  [written in red ink]
Today is a red letter day. Edna has a ten pound boy!!! Think of that. Why there has never been a boy in the family!! It seems so strange to think of it! James is so happy he wanted a boy so badly!! Yes we all are happy  I can hardly believe its true yet. The baby was born this noon and James telephoned to us right away and the time was so short and mamma was so excited and happy that we didn’t find out what they had named him! Ardith hadn’t seen the baby yet when James telephoned! Just think what that little helpless babe will grow to be—a great strong man with success and the world before him. Isn’t life a wonderful thing. Just think of the responsibility of molding a character and of training the child.



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