Tennis Anyone?

[Post for Sept. 28-30, 1911]

Thurs. Sept. 28, 1911
Went to school! Had a History test and a fire drill  also chapel this morning which made the day different from Usual. This afternoon I went over by invitation to see Edythe VanBrooke and had a lovely time  we talked, played duets and ate pears mostly. Then I got home by four and had to hurry!! to get ready for tennis. Miss Hay and I played a set with Mr. Burdick and Sero Carlmichael.  Sero and I won 6-1. Then Tommy brought Mr. Mt. in other words Mister Mountain down for doubles and as I beat Miss Hay, she & Tommy played Mr. Mt. and I. They won 6-4, 6-0. Mr. Mt. escorted me home. He is the crasiest[sic] person and has a very high opinion of himself I should judge. I don’t like him very well.


Fri. Sept. 29, 1911
Went to school. This afternoon I fooled around then the college girls came up. Miss Hay, Miss Owen a beautiful violin player she brought her violin. You see we had a musical, Miss Cressie a piano player and quite a popular girl at college she had on the cutest hickory nut ring tonight that Paul Johnson had carved for her. Miss Olson, Elizabeth’s roommate, the dearest girl, and quite a good singer, Miss Arthur, the most accomplished piano player I have heard for some time she has a music room up at the hall. The[y] played one of Chopan[sic] waltzes just wonderfully. Well we certainly had some beautiful music.  I passed grapes. This evening I went over to Vera’s and studied Latin!


Sat. Sept. 30, 1911
This morning Miss Hay and I played four sets of tennis which I won. Then I came home and worked. After dinner I took a little nap got my Physics lesson then went over to play tennis with Roberta Williams. Mr. Mt. was there so I played a couple of sets against the two of them which I easily won. Then he played against the two of us. The sets weren’t very exciting and I was more interested watching the other game of Tommy, Bramble and a couple of others. Roberta stopped playing and I played with Joe Burdick against Joe’s brother and Mr. Mt. This was more fun however it got dark before we finished the set. This evening I embroiedered[sic] while Aunt E. read “The 2nd Mrs. Jim”

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