A book’s revelation

[Post for Oct. 1- 5, 1911]

Sun. Oct. 1, 1911
I did not feel very well so did not go out all day. I played the piano & mandolin, read, made some candy and towards night Elizabeth came over for a while. I am reading John Marvel assistant and like it pretty well. It is getting late and I must get to bed!!!


Mon. Oct. 2, 1911
Felt miserable today went to school then went to bed early tonight.


Tues. Oct. 3, 1911
Sick abed today! Finished John Marvel assistant! The character and beliefs of the jew in the book was a wonderfull[sic] revelation to me. I have a far greater respect for the Jews by the character as protraied[sic] in the book and by my love for Miss Hockstein than I ever had before.


Wed. Oct. 4, 1911
Sick! I laid around all day. Wrote the annual B.Y.P.U. report and sent it down to the meeting. This evening Vera staid[sic] with me and we studied and played.


Thur. Oct. 5, 1911
Went back to school. This was election day and I am up for secy-treas. of the musical organization. There are two others up with me so I don’t suppose I’ll get it. It’s quite an honor to have a school office! Dorothy Bagnall and Edythe VanBrook invited me to a “Stag” party they are going to have tomorrow night  I was just crazy to go but papa wants me to go to Allegan tomorrow so I can’t!! The girls are going to be dressed up in boys clothes you know.

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