Weekend in Allegan

[Post for Oct. 6-8, 1911]

Fri. Oct. 6, 1911
Well I was elected by a vote of 120, the other two candidates for my place got 73 and 76!!

This noon I came to Allegan with papa. Hilda Joseph and I rode down togather[sic]. Papa & I made four calls on the way down from the train, one on a Mr. & Mrs. Fogg. They are kind of old people and real nice. I had a fine pear at their house. The[n] on a Mrs. Hulbert and she was most as cross as an old bear. Then on Mrs. Colborn who wasn’t home then on Mrs. Fairfield whom I like very much. When I got here Bernice Hoadley was here and we had a fine time togather[sic]. I wrote a special delivery letter to the girls at Dorothy’s tonight  I hope they get it at the party. I impersonated a boy. I met “The” Mr. Crosby Barret tonight and I like him very much. He met Bernice & I at the Post office when we went to mail the letter. I think Bernice will be happy with him.


Sat. Oct. 7, 1911
Walked up to Mrs. Redman’s before breakfast and we played duets. After breakfast I studied then went to bible class which lasted until after 12 o’clock. After dinner Helen Merchant came up and we had the best talk. Oh but I like Helen!! We talked about college and —– mostly.

When she left I talked down stairs awhile then studied till supper time   at seven papa and I went up to Baines’es (mamma staid[sic] up there to supper) and Sarah and Leona all there we had a lot of fun talking and eating apples. Sarah & Verna played duets  my but they can play them simply fine!!!  It’s late now I must climb into this bed. My but it squeaks awfully!!!


Sun. Oct. 8, 1911
Helen and I played the obligato for the “Plaines of Peace” this morning in church and in S.S. we ran competition to Ben Omstead.

This afternoon I was expecting Miss Ellett right soon after dinner to play & sing with me but she didn’t come & didn’t come until about 4 o’clock of after. And mind you she had fallen down stair[s] and sprained her foot. She couldn’t hardly walk for a while so could[n’t] come but finally she hobbled over. My but we had a lovely! time playing & singing. When we got through we found we had quite an audience in the back parlor. This evening Helen accompanied Miss Ellett & Mr. Colborn in “A Wanderer.”

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