Football Saturday

[Post for Oct. 14, 1911]

Sat. Oct. 14, 1911
My this has been a grand day! Got up this morning in less than an hour from train time. Hurried!! Got to Edna’s all right and saw the baby say he is cute. He’s as fat as can be and kind of red yet you see he’s only two weeks old. I held him all alone for at least three minutes but I speedily gave him up when he looked like tears.

This afternoon James took me to the Allegan-Otsego football game. My it was great!! Easton and Linsey were on the team and you should have see[n] Linsey play  My but he’s just grand!! Will Merritt came over to us and talked a while. Otsego won 17-0. This evening James took me up to the train and low! it was two hrs. late. Will was up there and asked if he might see me up to the train later so it was arranged that way. We left the suit case at James’es office and went back to the house. I showed him the baby which (I think) rather embarrassed him then we went walking till train time. We went out the Allegan road a ways then back to town and up the depot road to the Mansfield fault then he helped me on the train, and Mr Reese met me at this end of the line. I’ve got the grandest invitation from Bernice Hoadley to go up with the club girls next Friday night to Hamilton and come home Sat. morning won’t that be great!!!

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