News from a Best Friend

[Post for Oct. 15, 1911]

Sun. Oct. 15, 1911
Well this has been a lovely day!! This morning I talked Football to Mr. Scauf (misspelled) all through breakfast then read and played until church time.

This afternoon Helen came down right after dinner and stayed all the afternoon with me. And my what she told me!! It surprised me so I just cried!! To think that Helen is in love! I don’t like it!! Having her just dearly love some boy not that I don’t think George Butler is just all right but nobody ought to take her away from me. I’m the only girl she has told but she just wanted to confide in somebody young like her that could understand. But oh I can’t understand how I can love a boy so well that you know he is the only one forever and ever. Of course they arn’t[sic] going to get married for years for he is going West and Helen is going to College but just to think that Helen loves him so and that he loves Helen. I know I never could love any one like she loves him. I guess I was just naturely[sic] ment[sic] to be an old maid.

My but I’m proud that Helen loves and trusts me so with this thing that’s nearest her heart. It seems most as if all my friends were passing into a new world that I can’t understand and leaving me behind.

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