Train Travails

[Post for Oct. 20, 1911]

Fri. Oct. 20, 1911
Went to school then took the noon train for Allegan. On the train I rode with Hilda Joseph and I found out that she’s a jew. When I got there I took a hack with two men & another woman in it  one of the men was young and rather talkative when we stopped at the Post Office to throw off the mail bags he said “I shouldn’t think you women would ride in here  this seems to be a male coach!”

When Phyllis & Bernice came home from school the fun began. It began to rain and rained the rest of the evening.

Well after supper we found out the train was an hour late but we knew the other girls would be at the station so we went, but first we played some duets and decided to call ourselves Madam Alfterskiden and Sheronscomfey so when we got to the depot we introduced ourselves thus and told the girls they would here[sic] our performance just at midnight but we didn’t tell them what it was.

There were Phyllis, Florence, Delia Thew, Verna, Leona Bernice and I there and the time went so fast. The girls were talking the biggest lot of stuff about Mr Granvil and some of the other teachers when they discovered that one of the teachers was sitting right there and heard it all.

Well this fellow that had come down in the hack with me was there and took the same train we did  we took two opposite sections in the car and he sat somewhat ahead of us  he was so curious and flirty that finaly[sic] I took off my rubbers and I held up one gazing at it and the girls across held up the other. He gave one sort of sheepish stare and then behaved better!!

Mildred Barret got on at Millgrove and then our crowd was complete. When we got to Hamilton Mr. Hoadley was there of course and we went into the depot a minute.  I put on a long, old fashioned raincoat and took an umbrella with half the stays loss and called myself Mrs Jones from Praierville[sic].  When we splashed around the corner of the depot I went into a particularly deep puddle and thought I had lost my big b[l]ack velvet bag then got a lantern and pretty soon I discovered it safely over my shoulder. We got to the house without further misshap and what a welcome we got from Helen and Mrs. Hoadley. Then we played “Down by the old mill stream” etc. then did stunts and acted cherades[sic] about eleven  Mrs. Hoadley asked us to come into the other room and there were little tables set and we had the dearest little supper!!

About twelve we went up stairs to bed, but NOT to sleep!

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