Halloween Party

[Post for Oct. 30 & Nov. 3, 1911]

Mon. Oct. 30, 1911
Went to school but did not stay for Lab this afternoon. I came home and helped get ready for the Athenaeides Halloween party that I gave tonight  it was a spread for the new members also. Vera and Rosamond helped me decorate  we fixed things up real cute something like I had them last year. Well almost ever[y] girl came though it was raining and we had a perfectly jolly time  we looked at eyes through holes cut in a sheet and guessed who it was. And we tried to bite apples on strings and we did just lots of crazy stunts. For our spread we had fruit salad, sandwitches[sic], pickles, olives, cider, cake and candy. Everybody said they had a grand time and I guess they did. My but I’m tired.


Fri. Nov. 3, 1911
Went to school  I got E on my Physics test  Why I never did a thing like that in my life but then expected it in Physics. he flunked practically the whole class. he said only one fairly good paper had been handed in from both sections. This morning I had a Latin test. This noon I came to Allegan and went up to Mrs. Redmans a while to play. Then I came home and talked and took it easy. This evening I went to meeting and sang in the choir. I had to sit on the front row and I felt very conspicuous

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