Boys, Love and More Boys!

[Post for Nov. 11-12, 1911]

Sat. Nov. 11, 1911
Morning practiced. Miss Ellett came and we played while the folks were eating at the dinner party this noon. Mr. Reese is 82 yrs.  This P.M. orchestra practiced & class practiced for tomorrow. Then Helen & went up to Mrs. Redmans for supper, had a jolly time, Papa got the funniest letter from Elsie Hall otherwise Mrs.—. Then H. and I went over to Sarah’s and Keneeth[sic] & Ben came then we all played and Merle played the horn which was very comical at first. Then we roasted marshmellows[sic] and had a jolly good time. When we came to go home (Helen had invited me out to her house) it was raining and the horse was on the other side of town. Well the boys went way over there & got it for us and then we four rode off. We dropped Keneeth[sic] & Ben out when we went past the placed they belong and then Helen and I talked and talked   It was twelve o’clock when we got to Merchants and we went of[sic] bed but not to sleep. It was after three before we could go to sleep and oh what a lot we had to talk about. Things of more than common interest. Helen is having such a time and it seems as if I must do something for her and him too. She told me just all about it tonight. My but she loves him and he loves her too.


Sun. Nov. 12, 1911
We woke up this morning and Helen got a lot of letters and notes and things and let me read them in bed. My! but it was interesting and sad too . . .of course she didn’t show me anything she didn’t think the boys would like to have me see. Oh it must be wonderful to have boys care for you just mearly[sic] you the way those boys care for her. But then she[‘s] such a dear they just couldn’t help it I know.

Well we went to church in a raging blizard[sic] this morning last evening it was so hot we left the doors open while eating supper. And now its 20° above zero and snowing. I went up to Sarah’s for dinner and certainly had a good dinner and an interesting afternoon. George came up to see Leo and Cecil Fulk came also so this afternoon there were the four boys and us two girls. We all sang and talked and I watched George and I surmised enough to write Helen an eight page letter which I hope will comfort her. Poor boy he’s having a hard time too.  I simply can’t stand Merle Hare though he’s a good  piano player and talks all right. But Leo I think is fine he’s so quiet and handsome. George certainly is a dear boy and I don’t wonder Sarah is desperate. Went to church tonight then after writing to Helen I went to bed.

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