A friendly race

[Post for Nov. 13-14, 1911]

Mon. Nov. 13, 1911
Got up and rode up to the depot. Got along better than I expected in my History test. We also got along very smoothly in our lab. Work this P.M. Then I came home and studied. I received an invitation to a masquerade party at Elizabeth Stetson’s for Dec. 1. And will have to hear from the progressive party in Allegan before I can except[sic] or refuse. Also received another (party) card from B. Wheatly today. I wrote to Phillis[sic] this evening.


Tues. Nov. 14, 1911
Went to school. This afternoon I went down town with mamma and we picked out some goods for me [to make] a new dress it is to be dark blue with a large black satin collar on it. This evening we went to Athenaeides meeting and I got along just beautifully with my piece I spoke “Jane Jones” and “How often” for an enchor[sic]. Four of the girls sang an awfully cute quartette piece. We had a pile of fun in business meeting  after that Ruth and Vera and I went to the business meeting at Elma Furst’s. Roscoe Harter was there and he came and asked if I would go skeeing[sic] some time this week and I said I would just as soon if Vera wanted to   I just don’t want to go alone with him. My such a time as I had in evading him when it was time to go home. And Vera & I had a perfect race all the way home they almost caught us at the railroad track for a freight train stood there but Hamlin Gardner and the brakeman helped Elizabeth, Vera and I through between and over the cars  my but it was exciting. Just as we got nicely started Dorothy’s head poped[sic] between the cars and Roscoe a close second. But we won!!

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