Helen & Me

[Post for Nov. 16-19, 1911]

Thur. Nov. 16, 1911
Went to school. I got A in my history test we had Monday. This afternoon I studied wrote one Physics experiment and then got 20 lines of Latin. This evening Roscoe called up and asked me to go skeeing[sic] with him and Dorothy and Donald Wallace. I couldn’t get out of it after what I said the other night so I went and really had a grand time. Oh yes of course I lit on my nose most every time.  It was jolly good fun all the same. Afterwards we went in at Harter’s and ate walnuts, apples, and popcorn. Roscoe is going to Philadelphia soon so I will be rid of him for this winter. There really isn’t a thing bad about Roscoe as far as I know but I just don’t like him.


Sat. Nov. 18, 1911
Never woke up until 10:30 then hurried around and took the train for Allegan. Riding up to the church I spied Helen so piled out of the hack and we went up to the church togather[sic]. Orchestra practice took us all the afternoon so after that I persuaded Helen to come up and stay all night with me because they want the orchestra to play out to the county farm tomorrow and I was afraid if she went home she couldn’t get back . . .She helped me with my lessons tonight then we went to bed. I believe Helen and I talk[ed] of the things on our hearts more freely with each other than either of us ever did with anyone before.


Sun. Nov. 19, 1911
We talked last night until between 3 and 4 o’clock this morning why is it you can say things in the dark better! After breakfast we played the piano then Miss Ellett came and we practiced the piece for tonight. Then went to church & S.S.  Helen went home to dinner with Sarah Hare today. Oh how is the tangle going to unsnarl. What should I do? Is it my duty to speak to George or would it do more harm than good? Things are approaching a climax.

This P.M. went to the county farm and felt as if I was of use. That kind of work appeals to me very strongly  it’s a wonderful thing to be able to comfort some poor outcast.

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