Women’s Suffrage

[Post for Nov. 20 & 25, 1911]

Mon. Nov. 20, 1911
Wreck on the road this morning by a freight train so we couldn’t go to K[alamazoo].  I visited school with Bernice Hoadley this morning and had a perfect picnic. I went to Mr. Scauff’s Chemistry class with Florence Landon and the scholars act[ed] up perfectly awful! They talk out loud and laugh! He felt awfully embarrassed to have me there. The notes just flew when Miss Engle turned her back.

They have woman sufferage[sic] in Cal[ifornia] now and people say it will be all over the U.S. within then years. I wonder if it will.  Wouldn’t it be funny to be able to vote just like the men. I don’t think I’m a sufferagette.


Sat. Nov. 25, 1911
This morning I got up late then fussed around and studied a little. I went down town a little early then we took the train for Allegan. Then the orchestra practiced and we had a jolly good time. We practiced hard and late then Kenneth and Sarah came over to Reeses to fix their book keeping books and they stayed to supper   after supper we went to “Bennies” and had a fine time. Mrs. Olmstead made taffy and we pulled it. One of them has my ring I think its Kenneth but I can’t get it! We also had nuts and apples and got home about eleven. Mrs. Reese asked me to sleep with her so I did. My but I’ve got a cold and I haven’t got my lessons for Monday.

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