Neglecting my diary…

[Post for Dec. 12-13, 1911]

Claire with her mandolin in 1911

Tues. Dec. 12, 1911
Went to school. This afternoon read and studied. Mrs. Ball was up this afternoon and Mr. & Mrs. MacDowel and Harriet and Mr. Baines were here to supper. This evening I went to Athenaeides society and had a grand time. The business meeting was awfully long. I’m chairman of another committee. Esther and Ruth were both on the program for the first time tonight. They both did fine. After it was over we came along home bought some taffy that Cornelia persuaded us was real good Ha! Ha! say[sic] the Normal brilliantly lighted so went up but did not stay as Cornie had to get  home  the gym students were giving and[sic] exhibition and normal giving a reception to the grangers.

Wed. Dec. 13, 1911

Irish storyteller and author, Seumas McManus (1868-1960), was a frequent visitor to the Great Lakes area. (Source:

My sakes I’ve been neglecting my diary a lot lately but the reason for it is that I’ve been having such lots of good times and my fountain pen won’t work  I’m using mamma’s now. Well we had chapel today. Seumus Macmanus an Irish folk store[sic] writer and story teller talked to us he is certainly wonderful I don’t believe I ever heard such a good story teller before. This afternoon Esther & I got our Latin then Gene and I went shopping and I just enjoyed the Xmas crowds and all. This evening E., V., and I went over to Miss Muir’s our Sunday School teachers to spend the evening. She entertained the class  I had to take the mandolin and play. Tommy called for E. I wonder if he’s in love.


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