A regular society boy

[Post for Dec. 15-17, 1911]

Fri. Dec. 15, 1911
Went to Otsego this noon. and Edna and I visited and then she went down town and left me with Ardith and the baby. It’s the first time I’ve ever been left alone with him [the baby] but I wheeled him vigorously all most every minute and he behaved very well.

This evening Will Merritt came up  he found out yesterday from Edna that I was coming to town. He brought me a grand box of chocolates wasn’t that fine of him?? It’s the first time a boy has ever brought me a box of chocolates and I think its just great. We cracked nuts and made Xmas things then played “Bunco,” we had a very enjoyable evening. He’s a regular society boy though  plays cards, dances and all the rest of it. I have to be kind of careful to keep my distance with him.


Sat. Dec. 16, 1911
Well I embroidered and tended the baby today and then this noon I went [to] Allegan! Went right to the church and practiced hard for tomorrow and next Saturday night. We had a lot of fun too. Then I went up to Mrs. R’s to stay with her this week. She and I were alone this evening. And we embroidered thick and last. I certainly had a grand time yesterday and today its just lovely here at Redman’s.


Sun. Dec. 17, 1911
Went to church and S.S. This afternoon Bernice Wilcox was up to dinner its her 21 birthday today then Phyllis came up and we made candy which I supervised and it didn’t get hard!! My I was disgusted  Oh yes it will be all right by morning. We sang and read and had a lovely time. After church we talked a lot then went to bed  this has been a lovely day I feel so at home here at Redman’s.

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