The night before Xmas…

[Post for Dec. 23-24, 1911]

Sat. Dec. 23, 1911
My this has been the grandest day but tired my sakes!! Well I didn’t get up until after nine! The Redman’s hollared[sic] goodby to me however before they went. Well I have practically lived over to the church all day trimming trees, tieing[sic] on presants[sic], practicing orchestra, packing baskets for the poor etc. This afternoon Helen & I took a basket to a poor family named Punches. And in trying to play a trick on George and Leo we came one on ourselves “Arbor”. Ha! Ha! Oh this evening the orchestra sat behind the tree and organ and could do just as we pleased we had a fine time. I helped distribute presents and my such a lot as I got. an Allegan banner from Phyllis and Verna, a leather fountain pen holder from Florence, a beautiful handkerchief from Bernice Hoadley!  the darlingest string of leather hearts and a beautiful handkerchief from Helen Merchant. A box of fine stationary with my initial on it in gold from Sarah Hare. The dearest handpainted clipping book from Bernice Wilcox. A box of candy from Nellie and one from Grace Hare  A tie from mamma. A handkerchief from Jessie Garlock and one from I don’t know where  And a cute handkerchief holder from Mrs. Redman. The ladies of the church gave mamma and papa a beautiful Bean pot or urn or something  it is mounted on a nickel standard and looks fine. Mamma also got many beautiful preasants[sic].


A family at dinner during the holiday.

Sun. Dec. 24 1911  10:40
Well it’s the night before Xmas now think of that!! My but I’m tired! I went through the regular services today  got along well with the playing. I went up to Landons to dinner and spent a lovely afternoon up there  my but it seems just like home up there. Dear me the girls are talking of going to Ann Arbor instead of Kazoo. I wish they would go to Kazoo with me. This evening “Brother Eliott” went to sleep in meeting he’s the janitor you know and papa not noticeing[sic] it asked him right out while he was preaching to please close the window and a man had to punch him and everything. My but it was funny. Papa apoligized[sic] for him saying that he was working double time lately.

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