Merry Xmas!!

[Post for Dec. 25-26, 1911]

Mon. Dec. 25, 1911  11:00
Merry Xmas!! Well we came to Otsego and just think! I got a beautiful Morroco[sic] covered Diary and this fine fountain pen from Edna and James. Now old diary I’ll keep you better. I haven’t had any fountain pen for two or three months and such a time as I’ve had. I got a beautiful hand embroidered apron from Miss Ellett!!!

Oh my! now I’m home and its 10:30 and such a lovely ending to my day. Oh isn’t love and friendship a wonderful thing. I just had to cry I was so happy!! Oh and the beautiful things I got. A burnt wood set from Aunt Emma & Gene and also two great big pillows with hand embroidered cases!! Isn’t that great.  And five dollars toward my furs from Mamma and the “Literary digest” a set of books, and two fifty toward my furs from Papa. A lovely dear leather bag from Mrs. Waite. A perfectly darling Chicago banner from Ruth. A dear funny little billykin from Minna Holtz. A beautiful Minneapolis West High banner from Oliver. A sachet from S.S. teacher, another diary from Vera. A ring case from Aunt Lillian, a panel from Miss Moore. A blotter, post cards and greetings and lots of other things too.  Oh my but I’m happy  I seem as if this was the very last Xmas yet I visited with Furn O’dell on the way from Otsego to Kazoo and come to find out we must have been in the fifth grade togather[sic]. We knew the same people.


Tues. Dec. 26, 1911  9:50
Well this is the day after Xmas! I hurried and got fixed two presents for the MacDowel girls. Then I took Vera her present then went up with Esther’s and May’s! Neither were up but I got Esther up and got her to go skating with me. But we didn’t stay long it wasn’t very pleasant weather or ice. Esther gave me a talcum powder box with a silk covering and May a perfectly grand picture of her. My I was pleased to get it. I got a letter from Oliver today. It’s hard to settle down to anything the day after Christmas however I’m going to practice the piano every day and I practiced exercises and scales two hours today. I wish I had a fine command of language.

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