“Almost the end of the year…”

[Post for Dec. 27-29, 1911]

Wed. Dec. 27, 1911 10:30
My but there has been a blizard[sic] raging all day. Well mamma and I went shopping about 8:00 oclock and never got home till 2:00 o’clock. And we got me a perfectly beautiful set of furs. They were a 42 dollar set and he made us a special reduction and finally made us the set for $22.50 dollars  my but I was happy  I also got a fine dark blue coat and am going to have my beaver hat fixed over so I will feel quite fine.  This afternoon we had a committee meeting of the Program committee for Athenaeides so we got the meetings planned for the month of January. This evening we all went to the mission the meeting was fine.


Thur. Dec. 28, 1911
Got up late then cleaned my room put away my Xmas presents and worked around generally I fixed my pennants hanging down now instead of across and I like it ever so much. This afternoon I went over to Vera’s a while and then since Aunt Emma and Gene were out to Prairieville and Mamma & papa went out to supper why Vera came home with me and we got supper for ourselves. Then this evening I read outloud while she embroidered then we played the piano.


Fri. Dec. 29, 1911
Almost the end of the year  my how fast they fly. Well today the chief and most important thing I did was to wash my hair  I’m always thankful when that job is done. Well I ironed and practiced a great deal today  Oh how I wish I could play well  I read some also but did nothing special. I got a couple New Years greetings  one from Ruth Bestor and one from Roscoe Harter  he’s in Decatur now.

My! its cold I’m going to hop into bed   diaries are more for summer time than winter time I think. I wonder if anything real exciting will ever happen to me!

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