“Goodby old diary…”

[Post for Dec. 31, 1911]

Sun. Dec. 31, 1911
There I’ve gone and spent this whole week end and not written only thank you letter and I brought along a box of stationary just a purpose! Well the time goes so. It was church time most before I knew it. Then we were all invited up to Redman’s to dinner and had a regular feast with roast chicken etc. Then I spent a lovely afternoon eating candy, talking and playing duets. My but there has been a blizard[sic] ragging[sic]. It rained last night and today snow and wind my the walk was like a sheet of ice in front of Redmans and coming to church tonight the wind was so strong that I just sailed along by not making a move just holding out my arms. There were hardly 20 out tonight.

Well goodnight and goodby old diary  I hate to leave you dear little book more than I do the passing year. For another year is coming which I expect is just as good but never [the] same little red book! I wish this same little diary went on and on! I’m always  wondering what the next year and the next day will bring  I wonder if when I get older I will look forward with the same hope and delight   there are so many things to learn and do that life is just a mystery. Will I be the same girl a year from tonight that I am now. I wonder!!

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